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We cater for all occasions! (weddings, birthdays, business meetings, baptisims, etc..) Calle A.W. Diokno / F. Agoncillo Street Taal, BatangasTel. No. (043) 302-2486 Please contact us at (0922) 803-8862 * (0915) 531-4831 *

Take a break from your adventures in Taal and enjoy a wholesome meal at DON JUAN BBQ, the best BBQ restaurant in town! With a friendly staff at your service, this local landmark is the perfect place to cool down and savor Taal’s delicious native cuisine and a selection of simple comfort food. Aside from the pork and chicken BBQ specialties, a few of the DON JUAN favorites on the menu are:Sinaing na Tulingan – a native mackerel tuna boiled in banana leaves, seasoned with rock salt and ginger lily or the native kamias.Tawilis – a freshwater sardine from Taal Lake, fried to perfection with a vinegar and onion sauce on the side.Adobo Sa Dilaw – Taal’s version of chicken and pork adobo using the native turmeric or luyang dilaw instead of the usual soy sauce.Tapang Taal – Tasty slivers of pork marinated in garlicEnsaladang Taal – diced green mangoes, eggplant, tomatoes and onions served with a native fish paste or Bagoong Balayan.Sinigang na Maliputo or Inihaw na Maliputo – Fish endemic to Taal Lake which is best served grilled or as the main ingredient in a Bouillabaisse or native sour soup, with a healthy mix of leafy vegetables.Kapeng Barako – Native coffee known for its robust flavor.Tsokolate Eh – Thick and creamy chocolate drink.

* Taal Bistro
Calle A, delas AlasPoblacion, Taal, Batangas
 *Taal Bayview Bistro
National Highway, Taal, Batangas 
 *Casa Conchita
Corner Felipe Agoncillo & delas Alas St. Taal, Batangas  
*Casa Cecilia
Diversion Road, Taal, Batangas   
*Taal Public Market
Brgy. Zone 1, Taal, Batangas  
*Villa Tortuga
M. Agoncillo Street, Taal, Batangas  
*Tampuhan Cafe
Calle Marcella Agoncillo St.
Poblacion Brgy.  Zone 6  Taal, Batangas  
*Feliza Taverna y Caf’e
6 F. Agoncillo St. Brgy. Zone 13 
4208 Taal, Batangas

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