Vicente Noble

Don Vicente Noble, a native of Caysasay, Taal, was a handsome political powerhouse and shrewd businessman whose name has been well known in political circles for more than a quarter of a century. Taal’s politics were divided into two political parties that fought against each other vigorously. Don Vicente held dominion over his leaders like a landlord over his tenants. In 1930, President Quezon appointed him Governor of Batangas. His political powers did not fade with his retirement. Political leaders of the country, including presidents, owed many of their victories to Don Vicente. In 1957, he was cajoled out of his retirement to serve the Council of State under President Magsaysay. As a businessman, he was among the first in Taal to establish his own rice mill. The Governor Vicente Noble Energen Center was inaugurated in Batangas in honor of Don Vicente Noble. The Nobles are famous for their beauty. Anita, Vicente’s niece, was Miss Philippines of 1926. She was wife to Juan Nakpil, son of Julio Nakpil (composer of the first National Anthem).