Corazon Apacible Cañisa

Corazon Apacible Cañisa, daughter of Leon Apacible Jr. and Consolacion Noble, rightfully earned her title as the first woman Mayor of Taal. She served from 1975-1980 and 1986-1988. Behind her small stature is a woman of abundant offerings with a compelling drive to be a worthy public servant. The renovation of the Basilica in 1953 was made possible through the enthusiastic leadership of this woman. Five noteworthy donations to the community were made in her name. In 1962, she donated a two-hectare lot in Calaca, Batangas, for the Calaca Elementary School Playground. In 1967, she donated one hectare of land in Barrio Matingain, Lemery for the Doña Matilde Memorial School. In 1970, she gave house and lot and all ancestral properties to the Batangas Memorial Foundation, Inc. for setting up the Taal Museum. That same year she donated two hectares of land and a building in Butong, Taal for a home for the aged. In 1971, she donated two hectares of land in Butong to the Bureau of Fisheries for the purpose of researching the propagation of all kinds of fisheries, especially the malipito. She was also the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Batangas Memorial Foundation and President of the Taal Parish Council. With a Music Teacher’s diploma from Santa Escolastica and a Bachelor of Music degree from the American Conservatory of Chicago, she held a successful concert in the city and donated the proceeds to charity.