Condrado V. Sanchez

At one time he was Justice of the Highest Court of the land and was known to render free services to help the financially handicapped. Representing the First District of Batangas in the Constitutional Convention of 1934, he successfully presented the precepts of Woman’s Suffrage to the August Body, for which he won an honor. He was first president of the Taal-Lemery-San Luis Lawyer’s League, became Assistant City Fiscal of Manila in 1945, and District Judge in the Court of First Instance of Baguio, Mountain Province in 1946. He was president of the Philippine Bar Association and later President of the Manila Chapter IV of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines. Sanchez was District Judge of the Court of First Instance of Manila from 1947 to 1954. The following term he served as Associate Justice of the Court of Appeals and in 1966 he was an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.