Agaton Orosa


Agaton Orosa started off as a businessman and married the widowed Josefa Villavicencio, sister of revolutionary heroine Gliceria Villavicencio. He was also first cousin to Simplicio Orosa, who was a delegate to Paris and the captain of the SS Bulusan (first warship of the Philippine Navy donated by Gliceria Marella Villavicencio).

Agaton and Josefa had three children. After Josefa’s passing he was widowed and remarried several times. He brought togetherness to his large household and showed devotion to his family and friends. Agaton became Mayor of Taal in 1934. During his public service, he always listened to the concerns of his people, especially those less fortunate. During the Japanese occupation, he demonstrated his bravery by facing the Japanese authorities and formidable guerillas while other officials did not. Agaton also accompanied the townspeople fleeing to Cavite. With the help of others, including his brother Paulino, he was able to house the people of Taal in schools and homes of generous volunteers until the end of the war. One principle he passed on to his younger generation was, “When you are able to help others, help to the fullest.”