Barangay Specialties


Taal is politically subdivided into 42 barangays. These are the landmarks and what the places are known for. Some landmarks are on the borders of two adjacent barangays.

Ang Taal ay mayroong 42 na barangay. Ito ang mga palatandaan at ang mga kilala sa lugar. Ang iba sa mga lugar ay napapagitna sa dalawang magkatabing barangay.

Apacay-cattle market; old
Adobe farmhouse; callado 
Balisong-knife industry
Bihis– source of religious statues
Bolbok-suman sa lehiya; embroidery
Buli-suman sa lehiya; old house near
main barangay road
Butong-beach resorts; healing
priest Fr. Fernando Suarez’ s Mother Mary of the Poor Foundation
center & retreat house
Carasuche-Taal Polymedic; Casa Cecilia Hotel; Flying-V Gasoline
Station; Meat Market; sugarcane
Farms; Arnis Center
Cawit-panucha- making industry (peanut brittle); Callado embroidery
Caysasay-Church of the Virgin of Caysasay; candle-making, rphanage,
St. Lucia Miraculous well
Cubamba-view of Taal Lake; ruins
near barangay road;
old house which used to be a school
Cultihan-slipper-making, Pandayan
ng Bolo
segregation facility; slipper industry;
Bundok Makulot
Halang-Flying-V Gas Station; Taal Sports Center
Iba-Sawali-making, embroidery industry(burda); old house near barangay hall
Ilog– rice cakes called suman sa lehiya; sumang malagkit
Imamawo-basket industry (used for grass containers for farm animals); embroidery Ipil-poultry farms
Luntal– makers of leather slippers; Banat style of embroidery; bak-bak embroidery
Mahabang Ludlod-MGM Farm
with antique homes; Center of
Sawali-making industry; callado embroidery

Niogan-smallest barrio; Peryong Ironworks;
Ancestral house of Felipe Agoncillo
Pansol-native Sukang Irog
made of niyog (coconut)
Poblacion 1-Municipal Public Market;
Don Juan BBQ & Recuerdos de Taal Souvenir Shop; Taal Bistro; embroidery
shops & dress shops; Casa Severina (Robert Arambulo’s Bed & Breakfast)
Poblacion 2-Casa Eulalio & Gliceria Marella Villavicencio; Villavicencio Gift House
Rizal College,; Taal Central
School with Gabaldon-Type school
Building;Taal Water District; puto-cake making
Poblacion 3-St. Joseph’s Church
Poblacion 4-Marcella Agoncillo Museum; Galleria Taal
(Camera Museum of Manny Inumerable at Ilagan-Barrion House);Villa Tortuga (Lito Perez souvenir shop with bed & breakfast); Casita, Veron’s Antique shop; Casa Rio (Villavicencio restoration);
Ramon Orlina House (restoration);
Leon Apacible Mansion; Taal National High School; new Taal Fire Station; Triste Building or La Iluminada;
Poblacion 5-Fluvial Parade
end point(Babaan/ daungan)
Poblacion 6-Pandayan ng Itak /
knife-making industry
Poblacion 7– Casa Real (Municipal
Building);Police Station;Escuela Pia,
antique homes like the Calanog-
Montenegro ancestral houses by the plaza; Casa Punzalan (bed & breakfast); Casa de la Rosa

Poblacion 8-Bagumbayan
Church or St. Joseph’s
Poblacion 9-Pandayan ng
Itak/knife industry
Poblacion 10-Pandayan ng
Itak /knife industry
Poblacion 11-St. Martin
Montesorri School; Libingan
ng mga Kastila antique crypts
Poblacion 12– Ilagan-de la Rosa house; Krisdale supermarket
Poblacion 13– Gregorio Agoncillo “White House;” Estacio “pink Art Deco
House;” Dimaano house, Rural Bank of Taal; Casa Conchita Gift Shop & Art
Gallery of Tony Alcasid; Taal
Basilica of St. Martin de Tours;
Our Lady of Caysasay Academy
Poblacion 14-St. Lorenzo
Ruiz Steps; del Castillo House
(Villavicencio restoration);
Malvar House (restoration of
descendant of General Malvar,
Mr. Gabby Malvar)
Pook– puto-pao baking (pork-
bun rice cake); native sorbets (ice-cream)
Seiran- Panucha-making (peanut brittle)
Laguile-Panucha-making; callado embroidery
Latag-Sanctuario de Taal; callado embroidery
Tierra Alta– Casa Herencia Bed & Breakfast (Villavicencio restoration); Agoncillo Sports & Multi-purpose complex; Municipal Health Clinic; Justice Hall; LTO Offices; Hacienda
Villas Subdivision; Heritage Villas
Tulo– Taal Bistro; Imperial Resort &
Hotel; woodwork & carving industry
Tatlong Maria– Caysasay Shrine